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Who wants a $11 Front Lip ??!?!?

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The Left, Right, Left EF got some front lip love to the tune of a whopping $11.

This early 90’s Volvo 940 front lip is a great choice for a budget project. Thes lip can be found at any local junkyard for cheap, this one was purchased for $6.00! It is a really simple front lip to take off of the car in the junkyard. The one I took off was mounted with 10 screws from the factory.

Tools needed are:

Socket set


Screw driver

Some clamps

Something to cut the new lip (knife, hack saw)

Pop rivets and Rivet gun Drill and Drill bits

Here is the picture of the OEM Front Lip as was installed on the car when we purchased it.

Now the first thing we did was remove the front bumper from the car and flip it over on the ground. Now that we had it off and flipped over we went ahead and removed the OEM front lip. All the hardware from the factory lip was rusted and broke off. Try not to mess up the Factory front lip because that can be sold again to pay for this new lip and put some money in your pocket.

So now that the OEM lip is off the bumper we went ahead and test fit the new one. You will see that it is too short for the EF front bumper. So back to the junkyard we went to get a center piece of the same front lip. Upon finding a damaged Volvo front lip we scored a Freebie as the junkyard just donated it to the cause for free. The damage didn't bother us as all we needed was a small center section of it anyways.

After returning from the junkyard we measured our front lip and then cut it right in the center. The next thing we did was line up the front lip to the bumper where the side curves around to the front, you will see that this lip follows the almost exact curve of the Honda Bumper. You also at this point see the gap in the center of the bumper now, that is what the scrap piece is for.

The next step was to get get some 1/4 -20 nuts and bolts with washers. We Drilled and mounted the two pieces to the bumper.

We went ahead and used some of that scrap lip for a filler for the center gap. Using some scrap metal we had we made backing plates to hold the filler piece to the two pieces of the front lip. Measured, marked, and drilled them.

Using 12 rivets we mounted that to the two pieces making it one front lip

At this point we are now done with all the mounting and tightened everything up. Using a cutting tool we went ahead and cut the sides so it matched the bumper

Using some flat black paint from a spray can we then taped up the front lip scuffed it very lightly and painted it. Here is your final product painted and mounted on the EF

This simple front lip adds so much character to the car and will be nice if we decide to mount a front splitter in the future. Also the total cost of this front lip was about $11.00 with the lip, hardware and Mountain Dew.








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