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NEW C&R Aluminum Radiator w/ Oil Cooler for 94-01 Acura Integra

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When building our 2001 Acura Integra Type R Road Race car we looked for opportunities to simplify things in the engine compartment and combining the radiator and oil cooler into one unit was a way to achieve this goal. Packaging gets tight in race car engine bays and the more efficient use of space we can achieve the better overall product we end up with.

We commissioned C&R to build us this custom radiator that would be a direct fit for a 1994-2001 Acura Integra (you can probably make this work in a 1992-2000 Honda Civic with custom mounts). The goals were to fit the largest core size we could in the stock location with an integrated fan shroud and oil cooler. We had this built specifically for a Toda Header or Toda Style Header as those not only create a great powerband for a road race engine but also a tighter fit towards the engine to give us the clearance we need for the radiator. (Not all Headers Will fit with this Radiator) If you are confident that you only want or need a single fan on the passenger side it can be built to that spec for you as well.

The radiator inlet and outlets are as close to the stock location as possible to utilize the OEM radiator hoses still. We did end up trimming our hoses to shorten them slightly to give the bends of the hoses a smoother route and we also made our own upper radiator mounts to the chassis out of a piece of flat bar aluminum as once installed the oem radiator mounts don't work as flush as desired. Keep in mind this is a race part and may need some attention to get it to fit how you want for your engine bay as we are all working with different components.

Thus far in the time we have put on the engine this radiator has performed flawlessly. It keeps the engine running at the exact temperature we want it to when idling and in low speed situations and on track with no fans running at all it has done well to keep the engine temperatures in the acceptable and expected range. It is a tight fit in the engine compartment but we have not seen any heat related issues with it doing its job as expected. This is available for purchase on -- C&R Custom Integra Radiator

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