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My People: #UserNotCollector 2000 Integra Type R

Acura Integra Type R b18c5 BAT Type R General integra type r Integra Type R Snow Car itr Snow Car type r User Not Collector UserNotCollector

#UserNotCollector is a term I have been using lately as I very much find things to be tools to perform a job and if they aren't being used in the way they were intended than what is the purpose of owning it. I look at cars like this. Several people have voiced their irritation over my turning a perfectly good Integra Type R into a race car as the values of them continue to climb but ultimately it is just a car. It is a car that Acura built as their pinnacle FWD sport compact performance car of the time and its design, quality and performance continue to speak for itself. With that in mind I am using my car exactly as it should be used; as an on track performance sports car. This gentleman is my people -- Seller: st_alant

He purchased a brand new 2000 Acura Integra Type R and has since driven it 154k miles through all the conditions possible. His license plate says it all -- SNOW CAR. The Integra Type R may not of been built with being a 4 season car in mind by Acura but it actually is a stellar choice to drive year round. FWD capabilities with a LSD and matched to a good set of snow tires will get you in, out and around 99% of the things you will ever come across. Not only did he enjoy the use of it for 4 seasons a year but he kept great records of all the maintenance performed back to it being new as well as the original keys, manuals, window sticker, etc.

Sure it may be seen better days on the undercarriage but this car has a story to tell. It was used, cared for and has character. You don't get that with every car on the road and the story of this one is far from over. It is currently being auctioned and you could be the lucky new owner if you have the means and character to match this cars. Check it out at - HERE

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