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PLM Header Reinforcement

200hp header b16 race header b18c header b18c1 header b18c5 General honda b series header integra header itr header plm header road race header

Not everyone can afford a top flight, name brand header and we understand that. In our experience the top flight headers do offer superior performance and quality but with some experience we have found things like the various PLM headers can work well too with strategic reinforcement. How do we know these headers will fail? Because they have failed on us personally already on a race track. The first use of the generic overseas headers that we had was on our EP3 Road Race car. We were out enjoying a great weekend at Sebring until BAM, the header broke. We got back to the shop to find the damaged piece and then took it upon ourselves to fix and reinforce it going forward to avoid having that issue again.

Insert our new Integra Type R Road Race car. Ultimately we will have an Authentic Toda header on this engine but the good ones are scarce and we were time limited so we opted for a PLM TA version of the header. Right out of the box we took it upon ourselves to reinforce the header at all the possible failure points. Usually the welds that are butted together instead of slip fit are going to be your most common issues. With some basic work done we now have confidence in the header to put it through the rigors of racing.

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