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Introducing the S2000

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For the last couple of months we have been on the hunt for a new project street car to have around the shop and recently we landed on a solid candidate. I was open minded when it came to what platform we ended up with and looked at everything from C6 Corvettes to Porsche Caymans to Audi RS3's and everything in between but it is hard to get away from our Honda roots. Recently this 2004 Honda S2000 popped up for sale from another enthusiast and it ticked all the right boxes for us. A modifiable chassis, the right price point, good resale value and an enjoyable vehicle. It was one of the 2 colors that would persuade me to purchase (Silverstone Metallic) and is a good driver car with 62k miles on the odometer. Previously the car was used in stock form by the first owner and more recently as an Autocross car in the STR class so the only modifications were a Karcepts Front Sway Bar and sticky tires. Basically we landed on a car that has had a mostly stock life and can be our blank canvas to work with.

This is the first Honda S2000 I have owned and I am already pleasantly surprised. Tom has been chirping in my ear for years to purchase one as he has owned them in the past and has had nothing but great things to say about them. For now we have no plans other to enjoy it and see where it takes us from there. We have already started working on ARP engine bay hardware kits and brainstorming all sorts of cool ideas for ways to use the car and avenues to modify it. The ultimately goal is to continue to have a fun to use street car that will fit into a variety applications. We have just fitted a brand new set of Michelin Pilot Sport 4S tires on it in the OEM tire sizes and will be doing all new fluids as we don't have a service history on when that was last done. As we continue to put miles on it I am sure we will figure out some other great opportunities to enjoy it.


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