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Quaife LSD Price Drop !!! Same Great Part, Cheaper Price !!!

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We all have come to know the Quaife LSD as one of the best LSD's on the market. Good quality, performance and a Lifetime Warranty are the reasons that we know this to be true but now we have something else exciting about it -- a Cheaper Price !!!

Quaife has recently dropped their MSRP on the most popular units to bring them closer to pricing of their competitors on the market thus making it a no brainer on what LSD to choose for your performance build. The new retail price of the units are $799 a $196 price drop !!! Now is the time to make the change to the best LSD on the market.

Available for:

Honda B16 Transmissions

Acura B18c / ITR Transmissions

Acura B18c1 / GSR Transmissions

Acura B18a, B18b / LS, GS, RS Transmissions

Honda D Series Transmssions ...and many more !!!


Don't hesitate to ask on what we can assist you with.


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