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Quick Updates: PPG Gearset and 1992 GSR Project Underway

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It has been a little bit of time since we have had an update here but we are working very hard to get things lined up to really get kicked into high gear. Organization for the impending mass product upload is underway so over the next couple of days and weeks check back as thousands of products will be available for sale here soon. Not to mention a great array of Race Parts, Used Parts and Clearance Items. Recently we received in a new gearset for our 1992 Honda Civic Drag Car. We have decided to try the Pfitzner Performance Gearbox ( PPG ) Gearset that has just been released for the Honda/Acura B Series Transmissions. The first couple of passes on the transmission will be done this weekend, April 19th at the Battle of the Imports ( BOTI ) here in Orlando, Florida.

We are very excited to make our 2009 Race Season debut this weekend and try out the new PPG Gearset. Hopefully we can make some good passes down the track. We will update promptly early next week with results, photo's and video's.

Also recently underway is work to our 1992 Acura Integra GSR. This could be considered a rather rare car and we are glad to have on in our stable. Basic bolt on modifications are on the agenda and we plan on keeping it as close to stock as possible but just give it a bit more style. Here it is just after we got it detailed and ready for some parts to be bolted on. We will update this vehicle in the Project Car section over time as we continue to do work and modifications to it. The first round of modifications is done including Koni Yellow Sport Shocks, Ground Control Coilovers, Blox Rear Lower Control Arms, Civic HX Wheels with Falken Azenis Tires, JDM One Piece Headlights and a Thule Roof Rack. Pictures of the first round of modifications will be up within the next couple of days.

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