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Race Car Bumper Grill Mesh


Rubber slag, rocks, and debris are all things that are common place on any given race track in the world and protecting your car from those elements is important, particularly your engine compartment. To finish first, first you must finish is a racers mantra that lends its meaning to keeping all of the components of your car in good shape for longevity and looking after all possible wear items. The cooling system is one of those important pieces of your drivetrain that needs to remain in tip top condition to get you to the end of the event, not to mention there is usually a decent amount of cost involved with those parts that you want to protect. For years we have been using the standard chicken wire from your local big box home repair store to mesh off the openings in the front bumper of race cars. Although inexpensive and easy to source it is not ideal in some cases for aesthetics and ease of installation. The Integra Type R race car had this need for bumper protection and we found another alternative. This Aluminum Alloy black grill mesh comes in a 39” x 13” easy to cut and manipulate size. The width and height turned out to be a good option for the Integra front bumper and with some trimming it was fitted neatly into place. We used rivets where possible and allen bolts / nuts to attach it securely to the bottom of the bumper.

The installation is pretty straight forward once you position it into place and figure out what needs to be trimmed, secured and attached. The finished look is more subtle than alternatives and has so far done its job well in our initial on track shakedown of the car catching a good bit of debris that we could easily reach in and clean up out of the way while not deteriorating the cooling systems air flow.

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