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Tech Article: How to Install Rim Screws

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In addition to general updates about the goings on at IPG and new product offerings we can also utilize the news section to release tech and news articles that we will be working on. For our introductory Tech Article we discuss an important process for any drag racing wheel/tire combination. This particular article features the popular Weld Magnum Import Drag Wheels with Mickey Thompson ET Drag Slicks. It seems like this subject comes up about once a month, here is how we have installed rim screws for reference to aide in future inquiries.

Here are the parts you may want to gather prior to beginning work:

- Wheel

- Pre-made Template -- Cardboard and Scissors work too (measure approximately 10 evenly spaced marks)

- Marker

- Hammer

- Punch

- Drill

- Anti-Seize

- Screws

We have always used 10 screws for each side -- so 20 screws per wheel -- 40 screws to complete your project.

Step 1 -- Mark spots to be drilled on outside of the wheel -- this is probably the easiest way to make the markings, you could just directly mark the inside of the wheel if you feel lucky.

Step 2 -- Transfer markings from the front of the wheel to the inside of the wheel to pinpoint the spots to be punched/drilled

Step 3 -- Use a punch to give your drill bit a guide

Step 4 -- Drill locations from the inside of the wheel with correct drill size bit (some kits come with drill bits already, other kits will specify what size you need in most cases) you will want to drill through the wheel at a 45 degree angle the following images will represent good placement for the screw from the inside of the wheel and the front face of the wheel

Ignore the holes in the direct center of the wheel, that is where the center of the wheel bolts into place.

Step 5 -- Debur the drilled holes

Step 6 -- Mount Tires

Step 7 -- Air up the tires to approximately 25-30 psi. With a little bit of anti-seize on each screw you will want to drive the screw through the rim into the bead of the tire

Step 8 -- Balance Wheels/Tires once screws are in place.

Step 9 -- Haul Butt

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