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The BRZ is the Car of the Year

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Once you identify the goals for a particular vehicle, the plan is set to get to those goals and the vehicle continues to impress you each time you use it of course it becomes the Car of the Year. The Subaru BRZ was brought on with the intention of building a reliable, fun track car. The car now has 9 track days, over 750 track miles and it has not balked at me once. Other than adding gas and doing the usual once over maintenance items that any track car requires the BRZ has gone out session after session and been a great partner for my track day adventures.

This past weekend was the 9th track day on the car and only at the close of the day did we finally wear a part out. Roebling Road put a hurting on the front left tire after my weekend there and The FIRM in Starke, FL finally took it the rest of the way past its usable life. The other 3 Bridgestone RE71r Tires are still in good shape and ready for more track miles. The brakes (both pads and rotors) are still in great shape with lots of life left.

Since we last updated we have added a Mazworx 4 Point Custom Weld-in Roll Bar, Recaro Pro Racer HANS Seat and Racequip 6 Point Harness. Safety measures should always be a priority when it comes to running cars on track. And other than the initial list of parts we installed (coilovers, wheels/tires, brakes, oil cooler) the car has been run in the same setup, same alignment specs and with the same tenacity since day 1.

Seat time is the best way to becoming a quicker driver and the BRZ is the perfect platform to use in order to work on the driver aspect of the equation. Only now, after 750 track miles am I starting to understand what small changes may benefit the car to get it more efficiently around the race track. Having a vehicle underneath you that you have complete confidence in as your tool to become better has been the best part of this project. And that is why the 2015 Subaru BRZ is the Car of the Year.

Sebring Intl Raceway - PBOC - 160 Track Miles

Sebring Intl Raceway - NASA- 199 Track Miles

Roebling Road - PCA - 134 Track Miles

Daytona Intl Speedway - NASA - 176 Track Miles

The FIRM - Track Attack - 83 Track Miles ----> 1 Front Left Tire, 1 Oil Change, ~83 gallons of gas

This is just the beginning. 2016 should be a fun year.

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