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Turbo K Series Tune -- 475 WHP on 93 Octane Pump Gas

18 psi k24 1992 Honda Civic VX -- Turbo K Series 475 whp double d tuning doubledtuning full race manifold General gt35r kpro tuned Project Cars pump gas k series turbo k series turbo k20 turbo k24 turbo k24/k20

We recently had the Turbo K Series back on the dyno to have the KPro checked over by Darin from Double D Tuning and in the process we created a bit more horsepower as well.

Since this car is planned to remain a true street car we only are putting 93 Octane Pump Gas in the tank so that is what we topped off with before hitting the dyno.

Basic Engine setup is: K24 Block -- Stock Sleeves CP Pistons -- H Beam Rods Stock K20a2 Cylinder Head Garrett GT35r Turbocharger at approximately 18 PSI

The power #'s are right in the range that we wanted and are happy with the end result. This will continue to be a fun street car and now that we got in some Driveshaft Shop 3.9 Axles for it we will be installing those shortly and prepping the car to hit the 1/4 mile drag strip finally for some fun.

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