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First Mods to 2008 WRX STi Project Car

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After 6 months of ownership the first modifications have made their way onto our 2008 Subaru WRX STi. With just over 5k miles on the odometer we chose to go with the Cobb Catted Downpipe and a custom tune performed by Omar at Central Florida Turbo. These basic modifications are very easy to perform and provide a decent kick in the butt performance increase for the low cost invested.

We chose the Catted Cobb Downpipe since it easily mates to the OEM Catback exhaust and offers only a slight increase in noise level from the OEM Downpipe. The dyno horsepower and torque #'s from CFT aren't in line with the results we have seen from similar '08+ STi's so we will let the actual wheel horsepower and torque #'s be and just compare the percentage increase from the baseline #'s on the dyno.

With just the Cobb Downpipe bolted into place we saw a peak Horsepower Gain of 27 wheel horsepower and a Peak Torque Gain of 24 ft lbs of torque as measured at the wheels on CFT's Mustang Chassis Dyno.Throughout the RPM band we did see an average of 20-25 horsepower and 15-20 ft lbs of torque. Peak torque comes in very early at 3750 RPM and peak horsepower comes in at 6250 RPM.

Overall the car is a lot smoother to drive and the increased power and torque isn't anything to ignore either. Ultimately all this has really done is give us the thirst for even more horsepower so plans are already under way to what direction we will be going to see considerable gains in the near future.


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