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World Challenge Integra Type R - Update 2

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We have put in some work on the World Challenge Integra Type R Race Car. Lots more to do still but we are headed in the right direction. It is always fun to see what you find when you tear down a race car that you didn't build. And in this case we had fun tearing down a race car that had a blown up engine that we didn't blow up so that was interesting as well. Engine removal was straight forward. Nothing too crazy to report there. We did have some fun finding the carnage that was in the engine when we tore it down though. It appears that for some reason a connecting rod let go, jammed into a valve which in turn jammed into the camshaft and broke a very nice Jun Type 3 exhaust camshaft in 2 pieces. As you can see the piston has made some unfriendly contact with the valve.

After checking everything out the block was of course junk as it had quite the nice size hole in it. The very nice knife edged crankshaft (which weighs 4 lbs 7 ozs less than an OEM one FYI) is pretty much junk but the head is salvageable. So we took it over to our local machine shop (Florida Performance Machine) and have them do the clean up stuff needed on the one damaged combustion chamber, new valve job all across the cylinders and some known upgraded valve springs and retainers and it was ready to rock.

During this time we also acquired a good, freshly built GSR Longblock that had some higher than stock compression OEM cast pistons in and after we removed the GSR head that we didn't want to use for this project we installed the B18c5 Integra Type R Cylinder Head and have a longblock ready for installation.

So what other awesomeness did we find during the tear down process? Well since it as out we cracked open the transmission to inspect it and see what exactly was on the inside and we found a Mugen LSD and a custom 5.54 Final Drive. Those 2 things should make this car a huge amount of fun on track when paired with the 225/45/17 tires. Gearing should be very fun at the vast majority of tracks we plan on running at.


Last but not least we have made the decision to ditch the Electromotive EMS and get back to a simple setup that will work very well for us. We are still going through all the wiring stuff to see what we can remove and what needs to stay as we want to make sure the SPA Dash is still in perfect working condition but we had WireWorx out of Apopka, FL make us a new custom engine harness and we will be running the engine on a Hondata S300 to simplify things.

So where do we stand now? Engine is about ready to be re-installed into the car with some upgraded Hasport engine mounts. Once the engine is back in we will do the final parts of the wiring to keep everything working as it should and we are going to simplify the oiling system as well. Getting rid of some sloppy work and continuing with the Keep.It.Simple.Stupid point of view. We are actually already signed up for a HPDE track weekend at Sebring Intl Raceway with the PBOC on January 12th-13th, 2013 and that is where we hope to get our first laps around the track.

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