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B18c5 Powerplant for Integra Type R Race Car

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Keeping with the traditional theme we are using the factory B18c5 engine in our Integra Type R Race Car. Tried and true these 1.8L Honda VTEC engines are capable of producing good, reliable power which is exactly what we are after with our Integra Type R Race Car build. We are specifically building this car for the SCCA STL class that is built around vehicles with 2.0L and smaller engine displacements and an adjusting weight scale based on the engine being used and its size. With these class rules we are limited as to what modifications we can perform to the B18c5 engine as it is mostly at the class limits in factory form which honestly is just fine by us as it keeps the costs down and gives us the Honda reliability we are after. This isn't to say we didn't tear the engine completely down and rebuild every piece inside. Starting with a fresh, zero hour run time power plant should offer us years of trouble free use ahead.

The SCCA STL rules call for a 11.0:1 max compression ratio and a max lift camshaft size of 0.425". Our B18c5 has a larger than 0.425" lift intake camshaft so instead of changing that out we have opted to take the 1% weight penalty to continue to run it. In addition to building to the rules for the 11.0:1 compression we built the engine for strength and longevity by picking parts that we trust for performance and quality. Of course we used our friends over at JBR Engines in Plant City, FL for all the machine work and engine assembly as we are still after all the horsepower we can get with the purpose built class rules engine. Here is the full rundown of the parts we used in this engine build. The class calls for a 54mm Flat Plate Restrictor and that will make its way onto the engine before the first race weekend but for a number sake we can tell you the engine made right at 200whp revving to 8500rpm. The engine was tuned to 9200rpm and we will use extra rpm as needed on a track by track basis but in general we like to keep the RPM's down for longevity of the engine unit as a whole.

Supertech 81.5mm 11.0:1 Pistons

Carrillo Pro A Connecting Rods

Supertech 70lb Valve Springs and Titanium Retainers

Supertech STD Size Valves

Supertech Valve Guides, Stem Seals and Keepers

Supertech LMA's

ACL Race Bearings

ARP Head Studs

OEM Honda Head Gasket

OEM B18c5 Camshafts

JBR Engines Valve Job

JBR Engines Assembly

OEM Oil Squirters

ATI Street Damper

OEM Oil Pump, Water Pump, Timing Belt, Tensioner

OEM Main Bolts

OEM K20a2 Fuel Injectors

AEM Intake (CAI cut down)

PLM TA V1 Header (extra welded on supports)

GESI 2.5" High Flow Catalytic Converter

Greddy SP 3" Catback Exhaust

Hondata S300

The stock B18c5 transmission was gone through at the same time as well getting the full Synchrotech Master Rebuild Kit, MFactory 1 Way Clutch Type LSD and MFactory 4.7 Final Drive. We are currently sitting on about 1 hour of on track run time and the engine feels potent and rev happy. With the minimum car weight being 2455lbs with driver and approximately 190whp on tap in race trim with the restrictor it will be a great combination to enjoy. Race weekends are just around the corner and we will update as things progress. Feel free to reach out with any questions you may have. We are always here to help or build you something just like this.

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