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Lenso VPD 13x7.5" and XPD 15x3.5" 4x100 Drag Wheels

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Lenso the manufacturer has been making wheels for the worldwide market for the past 30 years. Based out of Thailand they have a huge presence in Asia and are also a big source of private label wheels for other "manufacturers." In the US and European markets the name Lenso is still working to gain the credibility it deserves but when it comes to budget friendly, lightweight drag wheels the Lenso VPD and XPD wheels speak for themself.

The Lenso Drag Wheels for the 4x100 lug pattern vehicles have been prevalent in the US market since the early 2000s. The 10.5lb wheels are offered in a 13x7.5" and 15x3.5" size that are the perfect size for many popular Honda Civic, Acura Integra, Honda CRX, Del Sol and other 4x100 models. We currently stock them in Matte Black, Gunmetal and Bronze and can sell them to you in front pairs, rear pairs, complete sets or with slicks already mounted on them and ready to install out of the box.

If you want to take the wheels a step further we work with OMF to install outer beadlocks on the wheels at which time we can also widen the wheels to a 13x8" or 13x8.5" size. The 13x8.5" setup is what we have been running on our All Motor Honda CRX that has run a best of 9.5 @ 148mph. The wheels are more than capable of offering you great performance at a fair price.

Check them out next time you have a need for a set of Drag Wheels -- Lenso VPD and XPD Drag Wheels / Tire Packages


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