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Latest Shop Car - Acura Integra Drag Project

Our return to drag racing is on the horizon and our chariot awaits. After a couple of month search we found a good base to start with. This is a 1996 Acura Integra with a turbocharged K20z1 engine. The engine is internally stock and gets its power boosted by the Borg Warner S363 turbo. The K20z1 transmission features a MFactory Helical LSD and a Kpro V4 runs things. There is already a long list of things to clean up, change or improve but the car is a good base for the project. 

The goal of the car is fun. We have been calling it our Wednesday night test and tune car. Shooting for mid 10 second quarter mile times in a safe, reliable package. Once we are up and running we will use the car for product testing, to learn some new things and bring you information that you can hopefully use for your own project. 

There is excitement to get back to the drag strip. We are lucky to have a great venue in our back year, Orlando Speedworld and getting back out there regularly will be a blast. Let us know what you would like to see and make sure you follow us on the social media platforms and YouTube as we will release content frequently.


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