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Email: | Phone: 407-324-4684
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New Year, New You ... Not Quite

New Year, New You

…. Not quite but this is a great time to re-evaluate what we are working on. Things that bring us joy, things that are tedious, and things we need to do better. Our part offering will be growing in the 2024 calendar year. That is great news for you as we will make a focus on offering a larger range of products in the engine performance and rebuild categories. In addition to continuing to offer you the parts you need to accomplish your goals our customer service will stay at the top levels you are used to. We appreciate the support over the years and look forward to many more years ahead.

Video content will be a focus in the first quarter of 2024. Specifically, YouTube videos. The goal is weekly, but you may get more depending on what projects, events and ideas we come up with. Be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel to get notified of latest content.

You can find the channel here -

Instagram reels have been a terrific way for us to offer quick looks at things going on at the shop and more importantly a quick way to offer you great deals on clearance, overstock or used items. Stay tuned for more of that in 2024.

And when it comes to our shop cars you know there is always something going on. We have a solid fleet already in place and in the new year we plan to get back to the drag strip. The details on with what are still being ironed out, but we are looking to enjoy some ¼ mile fun again. Nothing crazy, the philosophy will be to keep it fun. A Wednesday night test and tune car mainly that we can use as a long-term project.

To steal a line from SCCA, Fun with Cars is the goal for 2024. More car content, more adventures, more racetracks.

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