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New Product Release: Bronze Lenso VPD 13x7.5" and XPD 15x3.5" Wheels

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New Product Release We are now offering the popular Lenso VPD and XPD wheels in a Matte Bronze Finish. This expands on the already popular Lenso drag wheel options on the market today. Great look, great performance and easy on your budget.

The Lenso VPD wheels are a 13x7.5", 4x100 option with a +25mm offset. Only weighing in at 10.6lbs each these are a great option for drag racing, autocross and hill climb applications. Currently offers them in the new Matte Bronze option as well as Matte Black and Gunmetal. We can also offer Wheel and Tire packages featuring M&H or Mickey Thompson Drag Slicks. The wheels start at only $330/pair. Wheel and tire packages come in from $676/pair and up.

The Lenso XPD wheels are 15x3.5", 4x100 and 4x114.3 Dual Drilled with a +10mm Offset. These weigh 10.5lbs each and are the perfect fit to use as skinnies on your drag car. currently has these available in the Matte Bronze, Matte Black, Gunmetal and some left over Gold are on the shelf as well. Wheel and Tire Packages on the XPD wheels are offered with the same M&H or Mickey Thompson tire brands with similar pricing of $330/pair for wheel only and from $646/pair with tires.

Fitments: The Lenso VPD will fit most Civic and Integra OEM brake setups. • 88-91 Civic/CRX: All stock size brake setups will clear • 92-95 Civic: All stock size brake setups will clear, even w/ABS • 96-00 Civic: All stock size brake setups will clear, even w/ABS • 90-01 Integra: RS, LS, GS, GS-R All stock size brake setups will clear, even w/ABS • WILL NOT CLEAR ITR Brake Calipers. • Will fit Nissan Sentra, Mazda Miata and other vehicles with similar wheel specs.

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