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Want the Best? Weldon Racing Fuel Pressure Regulators

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The old saying goes you get what you pay for and Weldon Racing is one of those brands that make that ring true. When it comes to fuel components who better to trust than a company based originally to keep airplanes flying by supporting their fueling needs. Weldon racing Fuel pressure regulators are one of those items that you buy once and you are done. They offer a wide array of options but the most popular we sell are A2040 series and the T2040 series made right here in the USA.

The A2040 series fuel pressure regulator has been a steadfast standard in the high performance arena for years. Featuring a flourosilicone diaphragm and up to a 6 gallon per minute flow this fuel pressure regulator is good for gasoline, methanol, Diesel, Ethanol and most racing fuels. It has (2) -10AN ports and a -8an return port as well as an 1/8” npt port and an 1/8” manifold reference pressure port. Fuel pressure increased on a 1:1 basis with boost and it is made of billet aircraft aluminum with mil-spec anodizing.

The T2040 series fuel pressure regulator has all the same features are the A2040 but includes a Teflon Diaphragm that is all fuel compatible including *cough, cough* nitro, nitro methane, the sauce, or whatever you want to call it.

So why am I telling you about how wonderful these are? Because I recently sold a new replacement diaphragm to a customer that has been using the same Weldon Fuel Pressure regulator on his race car for the past 14 years. After 14 years of race gas and high pressure abuse all the unit needed to be as good as new is a new $65 diaphragm. Here in lies the premise of you get what you pay for. Well done Weldon Racing. We support the companies that bring the best products to the market and Weldon Racing is one of those. These Fuel pressure regulators run $229 for the A2040 unit and $289 for the T2040 Teflon unit and are available at

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