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K24 Powered Toyota Tacoma

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So what goes into building a low 8 second K Series Powered Toyota Tacoma? Owner Chris Dutkewycz goes over his Toyota Tacoma build that ran a quickest pass of 8.12 @ 162mph at the 2018 World Cup Finals Imports vs Domestics and won the True Street Class
CDFab Hand built in less than a year we wanted to give you a run down of the K24 tacoma “Tako2.0” A lot of people asked why. The real main reason is our H22 car broke the trans one to many times. So we sought out to built something safer and more reliable. Why a Tacoma?
#1 we already built one. And it worked decent. We wanted to take advantage of what we already learned and applied it to the new chassis.
#2 The cost was able to find a rust free chassis relatively in expensive, it took some hours on Craigslist but they are out there.
#3 Ford 9” you can build an entire rear for the cost of a good set of axles.
It is insane being able to order a set of 35 spline axles for $450 completely custom. And they take two days to build. Yes we could have used a stock rear or 8.8 and it might be “faster” but safety and reliability was our first priority.
Why a K24? The 2JZ is great, but it’s long and heavy. So keeping the weight down and having more room in the bay for activities. Being able to use a factory engine harness with minimal modifications and kpro was a win. And help keep cost down. So the parts mostly sourced from IPG parts are super basic, Manley turbo tuff with je sfwd piston. Supertech valvetrain on a stock tsx head and camshaft.
Would it pick up with cams? Maybe we will be testing drag cartel cams over the winter.
Trans selection? Yes the manual trans might be more fun, but it also would come with a heavy price tag. With the auto we can keep revs low. And still go fast. So not only will it help save the engine but it also is much cheaper. Lower cost powerglides can also handle higher rpms than lower cost th400s. Yes it might go faster with a high dollar th400 but the $7000 price tag to handle those rpms we can’t justify. We called FTI and said we got this oddball setup they said okay, they nailed this converter first try, spools on brake less than 3 seconds and has 8% slip. Couldn’t be happier with it.
Turbo selection? This one is simple, Chris wanted to set a record in FIS class of IFO. That did not work out for us. But it’s okay. Shelf 6266 T4. To our suprise it made over 800 to the tire with a killer looking graph. This is at the point we knew it was gonna be faster than we originally expected. I’m sure I am missing a bunch, we do not know what is next, or what kinda rules we are gonna get for next year but, things are just heating up. Stay tuned.
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