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IPG Camo Civic Project

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What do you do when you get a cheap Civic and have some nice parts laying around? Well get $50 worth of Spray Paint and make it a lot cooler. We recently acquired this Civic and the immediate idea was to build it into a Chump Car. We of course knew we wanted a Camouflage Theme so that was the first step working with the car. $50 worth of Camo Spray Paint later we actually like it even more than when we got it with its basic Gloss Green paint job. Plans changed briefly as we happened to have a set of CCW LM5 16" Wheels at the shop and some Function and Form Coilovers. Might as well throw them on and see what it looks like right?? Of Course !!! So in the matter of a day we transformed a plain jane 2000 Honda Civic into at least what one could call personalized. And we like it a LOT !!!! Chump Car Plans are still being tossed around with it, we will see where it goes.

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