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IPG is going Road Racing -- ITA Integra

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With a renewed interest in actually getting out and racing in 2011 and beyond IPG is going to explore more avenues and different forms of racing and this started with the IPG Christmas present of a 1993 Acura Integra setup to run in the SCCA ITA class.

This car was built back in 2009 and raced one event in 2009 but has sat in a garage since then until we found it available for sale only 45 miles from the shop. After some research and deliberation we decided that this would be the perfect starter car to introduce IPG to the road racing community. We plan on taking things slow with the Road Racing program to begin with and will expand from there if we have the success that we expect. We will of course update as we have new information, pictures, video's, etc and also will announce races that we plan on attending during the 2011 year if you are interested in coming to an event to see what it is all about.

Here is a brief rundown of that parts that are currently installed on that car and these are the parts we will be using for the time being until we get our own test sessions and data gathered in regards to the Integra.

1993 Acura Integra GS

Chris Leone Motorsports Roll Cage

Required Safety equipment including Battery Cut Off, Window Net, 5 Point Harness, Extinguisher

Sparco Pro ADV Racing Seat

Koni Race Valved and Shortened Yellow, Sport Shocks Ground Control

Coilover Sleeves with Eibach Springs

ST Rear Sway Bar

Team Dynamics 14x7 Race Wheels (with Hankook 225/50/14 C51 Tires Mounted)

Raybestos Front Brake Pads

Hawk DTC-60 Rear Brake Pads

Purpose Built ITA Class Engine including 4-2-1 Race Header, Custom Exhaust, Air Intake and Custom Engine Management Tune.

We are very excited about this new chapter that is about to open for and we hope you are too. We will learn some things I am sure that we will be able to pass onto our great customers, be able to offer some new products that we hadn't offered before and overall just have a good time getting back out and active in the racing community. For you drag racing enthusiasts don't worry. Our 2011+ Racing Schedule will offer numerous Drag Racing events as well with the various IPG Team Cars that we have in the shop.


As Purchased Paint Scheme: IPG ITA Integra at Daytona Intl Speedway

ITA Acura Integra,,, SCCA IT Racing, IPG Road Racing, ITA race cars

ITA Acura Integra,,, SCCA IT Racing, IPG Road Racing, ITA race cars

ITA Acura Integra,,, SCCA IT Racing, IPG Road Racing, ITA race cars

IPG ITA Integra Pit Stop at Daytona Intl Speedway

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