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New Product: Progress // IPG Drag Coilovers for 92-00 Civic, 94-01 Integra

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We have been working closely with Progress Auto for the last couple of months and are finally able to introduce the Progress Drag Coilovers that have been built to the IPG Specs. We actually got our first set of these last October before the 2011 World Cup Finals and we have been running them on the IPG All Motor Drag Civic for the last couple of months. These have been built with FWD Street cars in particular in mind. Specifically the Street All Motor, True Street, SFWD and Outlaw FWD Classes. But will work for a wide array of setups The worst part about buying the usual off the shelf Drag Coilovers is that they are not valved with exact spring rates in mind. Rather they throw a heavy spring at the damper in order to try to stiffen things up.

We have gone a completely different route. Using Drag Specific Valving as the base to start the coilover design and then matching a spring to meet our desired results. Progress Technology develops and builds these right here in the United States for us. This is key to ensure quality control from unit to unit and ultimately if you ever want to make a change to a spring rate or valving it can be done quickly and efficiently as all the replacement parts are located right in Califorinia. Our exclusive take-apart dampers are tunable and rebuild-able; in addition, the threaded steel bodies are plated with attractive corrosion-resistant electroless nickel. This kit will get you the ride height adjustments you are looking for whether on the track or at the show. These kits are covered under a one year warranty to protect you from any manufacturing defects or parts failure; must keep original invoice and one year starts at the date of purchase. Height adjustability is from 1" to 3" Lower than Stock. The Front Spring Rate is 500 lbs/in The Rear Spring Rate is 800 lbs/in We can also offer a 500 lbs/in Rear Spring if you would like to use this setup on a street car. You will need to use your OEM Top Hats with these coilovers. They are not included.

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