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Supertech All Motor CRX 9.56 @ 146mph

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Recently the team took the Supertech Performance All Motor Honda CRX out for a night of testing at Orlando Speedworld. After some recent updates to the car that included a new 3 piece front end and custom airbox the team was anxious to see what new ET and MPH possibilities the car had in it.

The first pass of the night to feel out the car showed good promise with a 9.7 pass to get things rolling. Ultimately the team was able to make 4 passes during the test session and each pass netted a quicker and quicker ET ultimately ending up with a 9.56 @ 146mph pass. This is a personal best for the car and with the valuable information learned and data gathered will set the team up for a successful end of the year run at some of the most popular events in the country such as HDay and the World Cup Finals.

The Supertech Performance All Motor Honda CRX is powered by a 2.6L K Series engine built by JBR Engines with components from Drag Cartel, Myers Competition, Brian Crower, irunOEM and more. It plants the power to the ground on a set of Custom 13x8.5" Lenso VPD Beadlock wheels and controls the chassis with a prototype set of YCW FWD Drag Coilovers. Our partners make this program possible and we continue to work to make their products better through our R&D and their expertise.

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