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Supertech Performance All Motor CRX Updates

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When it comes to race cars the constant updates and upgrades are inevitable. With a solid start to the 2019 season the Supertech Performance All Motor CRX has received a new round of updates to help get to the front of the field. The big end of the year events are on the horizon so that is the focus as we improve on things that we have learned and test new ideas to go quicker. Testing of the new parts and setup will commence shortly but the nitty gritty of the updates include a new Hush Performance 3 Piece front end and custom air box.

The addition of the 3 piece front end became necessary as the lower we were setting the car the more issues we were having with tire to fender clearance on the front end. With the addition of the Hush Performance EF 3 Piece front end we are able to get the ride height lower which will benefit the chassis as a whole as it accelerates down the track. Not to mention it looks pretty rowdy to boot. The installation of the front end was not bad at all as Hush Performance includes a comprehensive set of brackets and pre-drilled holes. We will fine tune it as we see fit over the next couple of months but it is a great start out of the box.

The other big change is the fabrication of a new airbox for the ITB's. We have never had an issue making power on the dyno with the current engine and in fact have gone quicker and faster with a lower horsepower engine on an intake manifold so after quite a few trials to sort out the issue the only logical thing left to try is a dedicated airbox with inlet set low and at the front most edge of the car. This gorgeous airbox was built specifically for our car and we hope is the answer to our MPH issues at the track. Time to get those Supertech Performance, JBR Engines, Drag Cartel and Myers Competition horsepowers to go.

The end of the season looks promising as we have another HDay event and the World Cup Finals on the schedule as well as a lot of testing in the works. Check out these great companies for your quality part needs:

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