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World Cup Finals at Maryland Intl Raceway 2012

10 second civic all motor drag car General IPG Racing orlando sanford wcf 2012 world cup finals

We are back in the office and kicking butt again after a great weekend at Maryland Intl Raceway. The World Cup Finals 2012 was anticipated as one of the biggest events of the year and it held up to its expectations. The Race Team travelled to the event with the All Motor Car in tow.

Not having run the car for quite a few months the first couple of qualifiers were surely to be a learning experience. 2nd gear shifter issues plagued the team the first 3 qualifiers but luckily with the help of fellow racer Jake Gavio a bent 2nd gear shift fork was found to be the culprit. A quick transmission repair then netted the team their new personal best pass with a 10.26 @ 132 mph run down the 1/4 mile. To show how stout the All Motor car field was this year that new personal best only put the team into the 13th qualifying position. 1st round eliminations pitted the team against some domestic muscle with Teddy Weaver behind the wheel of his Mustang. Feeling a bit outmatched Innes pushed the tree redlighting. It would of still taken a small miracle to pull out the win as Weaver blasted down the 1/4 mile with a very impressive 9.88 @ 136 mph pass (the quickest of all cars in the All Motor class during the event). Innes still ran a solid 10.32 @ 133 mph pass to finish out the weekend. All in all it was a great event as usual. The engine ran great, after the transmission issue was located the transmission shifted great, we saw some old friends, met some new ones and are looking forward to next year.

Special thanks to everyone that supports the team and our passion of racing including Supertech Performance, CP Pistons, Weld Racing, and all of our great racing friends. Here are some shots that I took during the event. All of these shots were taken with my iPhone and the use of the mCAMLITE (shameless plug) , but they really are cool as heck - check them out here --

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