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Ceramic Coating Race Wheels


Driving on the track is always a great time. Prep before and after to enjoy the track can be time consuming though so I am always on the lookout for efficient ways to either get ready to head to the track or clean up and put away my things after an event. One of the items on the after track list that I procrastinate on is cleaning the wheels. Aggressive brake pads and rubber slag from tires on the track can wreak havoc on your track wheels. Cleaning them up promptly after any event you attend is the best way to ensure they look their best for long term use and having (6) new wheels on hand for the Integra Type R race car project gave me a great idea to try this time around.

Ceramic coating is wildly popular for automotive paint applications now but there are also great options for various other parts of your vehicle including the wheels. The McKee 37 Wheel Coating is a nano-glass ceramic coating designed to protect your wheels against brake dust, dirt, road grime, oil and tar. And in our case we can add rubber slag. It won't directly repel these things although it does make it harder for them to stick but the main benefit will be ease of cleaning the dirt, grime and brake dust off the wheels after track event weekends. This isn't a race wheel only solution either, it can be used on your street car wheels, trailer wheels, etc.

This is my first use with this product and I have high hopes for its effectiveness. The application is simple, especially on brand new wheels. I cleaned them all with soap and water and let them completely dry. Then you apply the McKee 37 Wheel Coating to an applicator pad (and I also misted the wheel directly) and give the entire front and back of the wheel an even coat. The last step is to simply take a lint free microfiber and wipe off any excess. The feeling of the surface of the wheel now is glass smooth.

Soon I will have some race tires mounted up on these Team Dynamics Pro Race 1.2 Wheels and head to the track. After a couple of weekends of use I can give some real world feedback on how they are working for my application. The ultimate goal being time saved after an event cleaning things up in preparation for the next event and keeping the wheels in good long term condition.

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