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SFWD Civic runs 9.41 @ 155mph

700 horsepower 9 second civic Civic General Integra IPG ipgparts SFWD xenocron

With renewed motivation the SFWD Civic has returned to the track and set its quickest pass to date with a 9.41 @ 155mph this past week at Orlando Speedworld. New driver Robert Mapps behind the wheel and tuner Chris Harris from Xenocron controlling the Motec has lit a new fire under the Race Team to push the current setup into the future. The full rundown can be seen HERE...but for the basics this is what we are working with: B18c1 82mm CSS Block, Flat Top CP Pistons with upgraded pins, Carrillo Pro-H with SPS Carr Bolts, stock port B16 head with Supertech valvetrain, Ferrea roller rockers / camshafts, Borg Warner Cast 62mm Turbo, Motec M800, Q16 Traction issues on the dyno didn't allow a firm horsepower number but mid 700 wheel horsepower is about what the combination is making right now and the mid 150mph passes at the track back that up. For being hit or miss for so long it is very exciting to start this new chapter of what the SFWD Civic can be. We will continue to have some fun with the current setup but bigger goals are already in mind.

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